EWS Madeira

Posted by Ludo on 17.05.17

Enduro World Series in Madeira

The 3rd Enduro World Serie of the season was held last weekend on Madeira Island in Portugal. This was my first EWS this season (the two first rounds took place in New Zealand and Tasmania in March) and my second race after the Costa Rica last February. My weekend didn’t really go as planned. I struggled finding speed and confidence to ride at my best on the different tracks. After 9 technical and slippery stages, a flat tire, a chain that decided to come off and a fly in my google, I ended up 63 at the end of the weekend. The level is continuously increasing but the atmosphere is still incredible. Racing season 2017 has now properly started and can’t wait for the next races, as the Transprovence in the mid-June. Here below a photo published in an article on Pinkbike after the event in Madeira.

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